Bicycle shelters

Klaver Bicycle Parking offers a wide range of solutions for indoor bicycle parking. Our range consists of high-quality products: from a single bicycle locker / bicycle shed to a fully lockable bicycle shed. In addition, almost every product can be adjusted to your liking and many options are possible.

Bicycle shelters in practice
As with our bicycle racks, for a (lockable) bicycle shed / bicycle shelter applies: every situation requires a unique interpretation. Based on our practical experience and knowledge of the market, we have developed our bicycle sheds and bicycle shelters ourselves. As a result, they meet contemporary requirements and we can guarantee a long service life. In addition, our bicycle sheds / bicycle shelters are perfectly matched to our bicycle racks in terms of dimensions and appearance. This way, a suitable solution can be realized for every location.

Our bicycle sheds / canopies are largely customizable. In terms of appearance, it is possible to choose a colored variant (powder coated) or various finishing materials such as wood, mesh, glass or profile plate. In addition, it is possible to provide the bicycle shed / roof with, for example, profile plate, polycarbonate or sedum roofing and it can be equipped with LED lighting. In any case, there is a good chance that we can realize the most suitable solution for your situation.