Bicycle parking for transport and crate bikes

Bicycle parking system specially developed for bicycles with a different size such as transport bicycles and crate bicycles. These bicycles can often not be parked in regular bicycle parking systems due to the wide front fork.

The Viper in practice
During the development of our Viper bicycle parking system for transport and crate bicycles, we paid a lot of attention to functionality and design. The ramp can easily park the bicycle in the system. This allows us to realize a beautiful bicycle parking facility that will last for a long time for every location such as an office, hospital, university, school or in public space.

The Viper is a bicycle parking system with a high / low ratio, so that the available parking space is used as efficiently as possible. The center-to-center distance between the places is 45 cm and the difference in height between the bicycle places is more than with the standard high / low bicycle parking systems. This ensures that baskets, crates or handlebars of bicycles parked next to each other do not touch.