About Klaver Bicycleparking

Klaver Bicycleparking is a unique Dutch company with expertise in the field of bicycle mobility. For more than 30 years we have been leading and innovative in the bicycle parking world. By introducing front fork support, we have provided a suitable bicycle parking solution for many renowned companies at home and abroad.

A unique solution for every situation

We focus exclusively on bicycle parking, so our clients know where to find us with issues such as lack of space, stray bicycles or error parkers. Our solution focuses on ease of use, safety for the cyclist and maximum use of space. This makes us a much sought-after consultant and supplier in the field of bicycle parking.

Idea & innovation

Innovation is an important part of our business operations. We develop, guide and realize projects and products in the field of bicycle parking. Our bicycle parking solutions are always focused on the unique situation of our clients.

Social entrepreneurship

As an organization, we are progressive in the field of corporate responsibility and Social Return. People are central to us. A large part of our working hours is filled by people with a distance to the labor market. Because of their vulnerable position, the view of work is less flourishing. Many of these people would like to get a job, but they are unable to find shelter somewhere. Klaver is working on this and offers people with a disadvantage on the labor market an opportunity. In the field of Social Return on Investment (SROI) we are now an example for the market. In this solid environment, we continuously challenge our employees to develop, creativity and entrepreneurship.