Custom made bicycle shelter with green roof

In 2017 we had the first conversations about a new bicycle shelter behind the Unigarant officebuilding in Hoogeveen. The various options were presented by Klaver Fietsparkeren, including a custom made version. After the renovation of the existing Unigarant office building and area, the terrain for the bicycle shelter has considerably expanded.

The definitive location for the new bicycle shelter has been determined in 2020. After starting the official purchasing process, Unigarant chose with full conviction for the Klaver Fietsparkeren solution. A custom bicycle shelter with the CuBic as the basis.

The roof of the bicycle shelter is filled with nearly 1.000 sedum cassettes. This creates a beautiful view when you look down from within the officebuilding. In addition to a sustainable and green appearance, it absorbs the rainwater which consequently leads to less burden on the sewage system.

In just three weeks, we built the approximately 500 square meters bicycle shelter. We did this in collaboration with local contractors. The next phase is installing a sprinkler and fall protection system which will be done by an external specialists.

In addition to the realization of the bicycle shelter, Klaver Fietsparkeren gave Unigarant the change to test the different bicycle racks of the assortment. Once they decide which once suit there situation the best Klaver Fietsparkeren will install these under the CuBic bicycle shelter. This could be the regular bicycle racks with front fork support, bicycle racks with a charging point,  bicycle racks for transport- and crate bikes, or a combination of these.

As a company based in Hoogeveen, we are very proud of this project. In the coming years hundreds of bicycles wil be parked safely and dry under the new CuBic bycicle shelter . We thank Unigarant for the assignment and the pleasant cooperation.