Cobra bicycle parking system

The Cobra is a bicycle rack with a thoughtful, contemporary design that meets the requirements and wishes of contemporary bicycle parking. The Cobra bicycle rack also fits perfectly in the shape of the street scene due to its round shapes.


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Quality mark FietsParkKeur

The FietsParKeur quality mark guarantees that the bicycle rack meets strict quality requirements in accordance with the Normative Document. Single-layer bicycle racks and double-layer bicycle racks are tested for relevant properties such as ease of use, safety and durability. The FietsParKeur quality mark is granted in three variants: single-layer bicycle racks (monitored), single-layer bicycle racks (unguarded) and double-layer.


When choosing the right bicycle parking facility, it is advisable to choose a bicycle rack with the FietsParKeur quality mark. However, Klaver Fietsparkeren goes even further and sets additional quality requirements for its products. The unique properties of our bicycle racks offer extra security in the field of theft prevention and damage-free bicycle parking.

Variants of the Cobra bicycle parking system

  • Cobra Traverse
  • Cobra with base plate
  • Cobra Leyden
  • Cobra Solo
  • Cobra with charging point e-bike.
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