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BPC Bicycle detection

What is it? Klaver bicycle parking, specialist in the field of bicycle parking, introduces a modular solution for a large number of issues in the field of bicycle storage. The Klaver concept has been known before as a solution to the problem posed by stray bicycles.

By applying a basic concept bicycle stand, various modules can be opted for that can contribute to solving an array of issues.

• Reducing the number of stray bicycles
• Signposting system for cyclists
• Capacity planning
• Managing bicycle parking areas
• Blocking of illegally parked bicycles
• Information per SMS, PDA, Internet, terminal etc
• Payment system per time unit

How does it work? The basic principle is detecting whether and how long a bicycle has been stored for. This principle can be applied to a variety of systems. In order to reduce the rising number of stray bicycles, a signal will be issued when a bicycle has been parked for too long. The timely information is backed up with solid documentary evidence. Another module makes it possible to find a free stand in the ever-increasing bicycle sheds, thereby maximising the effective use of capacity. The management information gives details such as the number of stands occupied, the average storage time, differences between periods etc. The basic concept makes it possible to make modular selections of what is important in a certain area and be expanded on the basis of experiences.