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Top bicycle shelter

  • Top bicycle shelter

CycleStore Top

CycleStore Top represents a series of luxurious bicycle roofing systems that brightens up its surroundings. This is a bicycle roofing system that offers excellent protection against the elements and vandalism. The bicycle roofing system is available in a variety of colours. The roof is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate and also benefits from integrated rainwater discharge.

The dimensions of the CycleStore Top are geared to our bicycle parking facilities, thereby fully capitalising on the space available. Furthermore, the maintenance of the Top is straight-forward, as the rainwater discharge system is fitted with integrated grating.

CycleStore Top models

  • CycleStore Top single-sided
  • CycleStore Top double-sided
  • CycleStore Top butterfly
  • CycleStore Top Up (suitable for multilayer parking and available in the above models)