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Bicycle shelters

The purpose of a bicycle shelter is to offer a sheltered bicycle stand. Klaver bicycle parking systems offer bicycle shelters, including racks. A Klaver bicycle shelter is flexible, low in maintenance and benefits from an attractive design. Flexible Each situation is unique. We realised this when developing our CycleStore product range. A bicycle shed must be vandalism-proof and blend into the contemporary urban street scene. At the same time, a user-friendly bicycle shed must be realised within a confined space, offering sufficient stands. A Klaver bicycle shed can be equipped with our single-layer bicycle parking system or the multi-layer parking concept. Low in maintenance Leaves, rain, snow and wind are all factors which a bicycle shed must be able to withstand. Our clients expect a minimum of maintenance on the bicycle shed and requirements have been incorporated in the design of bicycle parking systems, including the sheds. A bicycle rack is fitted with a base-plate and a shed has gratings. Each shed can be equipped with a variety of roofing materials and is statically neutral. Design A CycleStore bicycle shelter must benefit from a well thought-out design, both practically and visually. We try and find a solution to any situation and this sometimes requires customization.