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Being specialists in the field of bicycle parking, FietsParKeur is our minimum requirement in terms of bicycle parking provisions. However, we as specialists go further than that. Some of the requirements that we require from our bicycle stands are:

  • No damage to the front wheel.
  • Integrated fastening systems.
  • Proper anti-litter provisions.
  • Universal compatibility.


What is FietsParKeur?

The FietsParKeur quality mark is your guarantee for the user-friendliness, quality and lifespan of bicycle parking systems (bicycle stands).
When having to park a large diversity of bicycles, a FietsParKeur bicycle parking system offers you the assurance of:

  • Convenience when parking and fastening a bicycle
  • Safe and ergonomic in use
  • Prevention of damage to the bicycle and accessories
  • High level of security
  • Long lifespan of 15 years

In order to obtain the FietsParKeur certificate, a bicycle parking system must meet more than 30 requirements. The total package of requirements can be read in the document below.

All Klaver bicycle parking systems are FietsParKeur certified.

About Foundation FietsParKeur

Foundation FietsParKeur was founded in 1999 with the aim of improving the quality of bicycle parking facilities. Stichting FietsParKeur issues three quality marks:

  • FietsParKeur for supervised areas
  • FietsParKeur for unsupervised areas
  • FietsParKeur for two tier racks

A fastening system is not mandatory in supervised areas. The fastening system is mandatory for unsupervised areas and must meet strict requirements.

The FietsParKeur foundation has a Council of Experts that advises the board on assigning licences and the management of the Standard-setting Document. In addition to representatives from the users of bicycles (Fietsersbond) and from the manufacturers of bicycles (Vereniging Straatmeubilair), the council is complemented by other organisations with a direct or indirect involvement in the bicycle parking policy.