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Sustainable business


CO2 Performance ladder

In 2010 Klaver Bicycle Parking received the certificate CO2 Aware at level 3. 

In 2011 the requirements of level 4 and 5 were fulfilled, so now the CO2 certificate level 5 is achieved. 

To accomplish level 5 the following was needed: 
A) Awareness of our own CO2 emissions, direct and indirect. 
B) Determination of our own ambitions to reduce this.
C) Participation at initiatives to reach our ambitions. 
D) Being transparant about our emission and reduction.

To accomplish level 5, awareness of our own CO2 emission is necessary for scope 1,2 and 3. These are the activities (see below) whereby CO2 is released:

Scope 1:
- Emissions of refrigerants out of air conditioning. 
- Used fuels at the business location.
- Fuel consumption by business traffic in passenger cars. 

Scope 2:
- Business air traffic.
- Business traffic in passenger cars which are owned by employees of Klaver. 
- Emissions by production of electricity. 

Scope 3:
- Indirect emission which have other causes than energy production. 
- Emission suppliers and subcontractors. 


A lot of entrepreneurs ignore the fact that almost 50% of vehicle related costs are determined by fuel consumption. So you will understand that a low fuel consumption directly contributes to lower costs.

Our own fleet exists of class type A/B cars. Moreover Klaver stimulates its employees to travel to work by bike or public transport. 

From our suppliers we expect the same. Our truck drivers for example, uses trucks with a low CO2-emission. 

Digital invoicing

Thinking sustainable is good, doing it is better!

Klaver Bicycleparking offers you Digital Invoicing. We invoice digital and receive our invoices gladly through:
This way we provide a reduced energy- and CO2 emission and it is also efficient, service oriented, safe and fast.

Below you can find the rest of the documents (in Dutch) which involve the CO2-performance ladder: 

- Beleidsverklaring Energie
- Beleidsverklaring Klaver Fietsparkeren versie 8
- Energie Management Programma versie 1.4
- Communicatieplan
- Keteninitiatieven
- Kwaliteitsmanagement Plan voor o.a. CO2 Inventarisatie

You can also take a look at the reports (in Dutch) of previous years:

- Rapportage scope 1, 2, 3 2015
Rapportage scope 1, ,2, 3 eerste half jaar 2016
Rapporage scope eerste halfjaar 2015
Rapportage scope 1, 2, 3 2012 - 2014
Rapportage scope eerste halfjaar 2014
Rapportage scope eerste halfjaar 2013
Rapportage scope tweede halfjaar 2012 (totaal)
Rapportage scope eerste halfjaar 2012
- Rapportage scope 1 & 2 2011